OX5 Awards 2016 Scholarships

OX5 Aviation Scholarships Awarded

The OX5 Scholarship Committee received many highly qualified applicants for the Education Scholarship Award.  Because of this, it was decided to award one $1000 scholarship and 5-$200 scholarships to support these fine young people in their quest for more aviation training and schooling.


Scholarship awarded to Sophia Lucas by Tim Pinkerton


The $1000 scholarship was awarded to Sophia Lucas of Germantown, Ohio by Ohio Wing President Tim Pinkerton. Sophie is a 4.0 student in high school who has soloed a Cessna 152 and accummulated 35 flight hours in several different vintage airplanes. She is going to use the scholarship to help pay for training to complete her private pilot’s license this fall.  Future plans include going to college for aeronautical engineering and completing several other ratings.  John LaBarre wrote in his recommendation of Sophie: “She is an aviation ambassador already, who is rapidly developing her sense of purpose, which will be closely linked with aviation.  Her exposure to vintage aviation gives her a unique perspective that is critical for the preservation of America’s aviation heritage.”  Congratulations Sophie!

A $200 Scholarship was awarded to Jonathan Sanders of Delona, Florida. Jonathan’s life – long love of aviation has been fostered by his grandfather, Colonel Arthur Cunningham, a OX5 member who has recently been awarded the Master Pilots Award.  Jonathan served in the United States Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Maintenance Man.  He is now working on his own private pilot’s license and is attending Embry Riddle studying Aeronautical Science.  

A $200 Scholarship was awarded to Timothy Gregory of Kettering, Ohio.  Timothy is a Eagle Scout and has been awarded a full tuition Air Force ROTC scholarship for the duration of his enrollent at The Ohio State University and is studying to become an Astronautical Engineer. He has won the Scottish-American Military Society Cadet Excellence Award “For exceptional leadership ability, outstanding academic performance, and superlative military bearing.” He currently is a student pilot with over 31 hours of flight training. He plans on using the scholarship for additional flight training towards an instrument rating.

A $200 Scholarship was awarded to Eric Almeter of Strykersville, New York.  Eric is described as being ambitious, having an outstanding work ethic, and working well with others and the public.  “He is a self-starter and possesses remarkable problem solving abilities.”  He is currently attending the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics and will use his funds towards his education in the Aerospace Maintenance Technician program.

Award DSC02064

Gov. Yerkey Congratulates Jason Grigoras at Pittsburgh, Pa

A $200 Scholarship was awarded to Jason Grigoras (above center) of Feasterville, Pennsylvania.  Jason has had a dream of flying airplanes and grew up working in his father’s automobile shop. Here he developed a passion for fixing and learning about complex machines.  He currently attends the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics and has a 4.0 GPA in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program where he will earn his associate’s degree and Airframe & Powerplant Certifications. He is described by his instructors as being an “extremely hard-worker and is always willing to take time to help his classmates.  He is genuinely a joy to teach.”

A $200 Scholarship was awarded to Nicholas Grindstaff of Wilmington, North Carolina. Nicholas has had a strong interest in space and flying since a young age. This interest has been fostered by excelling in the Civil Air Patrol where he has had many experiences in aviation. After a bad accident, he changed his plans from learning to fly to becoming an aviation mechanic and is enrolled at the Pittsburgh institute of Aeronautics. He current part-time employer says, “I can only say good things about Nicholas Grindstaff and when he leaves our establishment, I will miss his diligence and strong work ethic.”


Myrtle Beach Winners Nicholas Grindstaff & Eric Almeter

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