2017 Reunion details.

The 62nd Annual Reunion held at Dayton, Ohio on Oct. 18, 19, and 20th, 2017,  was a huge success.  Hats off to the Ohio Wing for such a wonderful experience.

On October 18,19,20, 2017 the OX5 Aviation Pioneers members met in Dayton for their 62nd National Reunion.

The affair included the essential business meetings and an array of educational and entertaining activities that included the following.

Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop

United States Museum of the Airforce

LaComedia Dinner Theatre

Governors Meeting

Wright Brothers Airplane Company

Wagner International Airport – Bob and Patty Wagner, retired wing walkers.

Jim Beisner’s hanger for a gathering and the taxi of an airworthy WACO 10.

(New Governor, Richard Wilbur, taxied his first WACO)

WACO Museum and Aviation Learning Center (A new million dollar center)

Presentation of a FAA Award to Jim Beisner

Banquet at Waco Museum

The Reunion was truly an educational and fun-filled experience.

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