Board Meeting Minutes – Text

PO Box 769, Troy, Ohio 45373
A 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Pennsylvania Corporation

November 15, 2019 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
Electronic Meeting Via Email Over The Past Ten Days

Richard Wilbur, President
Patty Wagner, Treasurer
Donald Voland, Secretary

Roll Call:

Tim Pinkerton – National Governor – President – Responded
Patty Wagner – National Governor – Treasurer – Responded
Don Voland – National Governor – Secretary – Responded
Richard Wilbur – National Governor – Responded
Jim Beisner – National Governor – Responded
Sam Meek – National Governor – Responded
Lindsay Martin – National Governor – Responded
Dennis Yerkey – National Governor – Webmaster – Responded
Nicole Azzaro – National Governor – Responded

All nine votes responded – a quorum is required by the By Laws to allow for a legal meeting.

Order Of Business:

Item 1.
Election of National OX5 President and Vice President. Governor Richard Wilbur was nominated for the National OX5 President position. Governor Nicole Azzaro and Governor Tim Pinkerton were nominated for the National OX5 Vice President position. All Nominations were seconded.

The election results were as follows:

National OX5 President – Governor Richard Wilbur – 8 votes for and 1 vote abstained.
National OX5 Vice President
Governor Nicole Azzaro – 3 votes in favor
Governor Tim Pinkerton – 6 votes in favor
The By Laws require a simple majority. OX5 President Richard Wilbur and Vice President Tim Pinkerton will assume their positions (starting at this time) November 2019.

Item 2.
A motion was made and seconded to designate President Richard Wilbur, Treasurer Patty Wagner, Secretary Donald R. Voland, and Governor Jim Beisner as official signatures on the Financial Investment Account and the Financial Checking Account. The signatures of two of these Governors will be required for any withdrawals or changes to the Investment Account. One signature of one of these Governors will be required for any withdrawals or changes to the Checking Account. The motion was seconded and passed by a simple majority vote of the Governors.

This Meeting Was Officially Adjourned.

Donald Voland, Secretary
N8680 Stone School Road
East Troy, WI 53120-2334

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