Earl Norcutt to B Walker

A couple of stories from Arizona.

Have you ever met Al Beardsley’s sister Barb? The reason I ask, is because she lives in Marana and will be up here tomorrow night visiting one of her GGW classmates she sees often. Her friend Cindy, has asked me if I’m free to take her, Barb, to breakfast Thursday.

If you’ve not met her, she’s very cool, and a former Boeing employee with an entertaining history there. Where she stays, and where I get my blood draw (Greenfield, just N of US60) is close to a great place one mile south of Falcon Field. It’s called Crackers & Co. I know it’s short notice, but if you’d like to do the breakfast or brunch with us I think it would be fun.

As, for another unique aviation storyline. My lovely wife Robin, whom you met at lunch with me, Al, and Suzy a few years back, had a grandmother on her dad’s side named Edith. Edith’s maiden name was Wright. Much of her immediate family back in ND did a lot with aviation. One of her Cousin’s I believe it was, started Wright Field in Williston, which after the construction of the new airport decades ago, became a spray pilot’s field. There were others with FBO’s etc., eastbound into Indiana.

Yes, I’m almost there…they are all relatives of the one and only original Orville and Wilbur Wright, who were actually from Indiana. So, my wife, and therefore my children, are all descendants of The Wright Brothers.

Earl Norcutt

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