From Gordon Cumberland, Gov

Gordon Cumberland

Gordon Cumberland, Gov









To: Dennis Yerkey, Gov.

I want to thank you for sending me the new 2014 National Officer and Governors line up.  I am very proud to have been elected as one of the new Governors for 2014.  I promise to do my very best in this position.

I so much wanted to attend the Reunion at Fort Wayne this year, but due to my upcoming hip replacement, it just wasn’t to be.  Rehab may take three months, after which I should be firing on all eight.

I plan to seek help in the computer department from a friend, for my goal is to browse the web site often.  I intend to participate in current club activities and projects to keep the club strong and active.

My thanks to Gov Donald Voland for the phone call on Saturday informing me that I was elected Governor.  It was also a pleasure to speak with Pres James Beisner for a few minutes.

In closing, a big thank you for electing me to the ranks of  ‘2014 National Officers and Governors of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers’.   I know my Father would be proud of me if he were here today.

Best wishes,

Gordon Cumberland, Gov 2014
OX5 #20456



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