From Harold Walter

Dear OX-5 Club friends:

The ‘Flying coffin’ article on front page of TODAY’s Wichita Eagle, with
VIDEOS online, shows a Udall A&P mechanic woman’s Mignet Flying Flea, the
second she’s built in the last several years — and perhaps the only one
flying in the U.S. today.

Tiny ‘flying coffin’ a decades-long love affair for Kansas aviation
The flea was arguably the world’s first truly popular “homebuilt” design —
and was largely designed to be “easy to build.”  (The first popular U.S.
“homebuilt” design was, as i recall, the Corben Baby Ace, invented in
Wichita at about the same time.)

The ‘Flea has numerous notable characteristics, pro and con, including an
early version without roll-control, which flew, nevertheless (discrediting,
to some extent, the very popular fiction that the Wright Brothers’
“invention” of roll-control made them the decisive pioneers of the airplane
— which, in fact, was mostly designed and flown, in model form, by Sir
George Cayley, generations earlier).

Richard Harris
former Chairman, Kansas Aviation Centennial
member/historian, Amer. Av. Historical Soc.
former member, EAA Chapter 88

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