Meet the New Governor

Sam Meek






New governor 2018

Sam Meek comes from a family of pilots.  Members of his family have flown the B17, Martin B-26, Corsairs and the WACO CG4A glider.  His cousin Buddy flew into the Vietnam era and he lost his Cousin Carl in a midair collision near Union City, TN.

As for Sam and airplanes, he has flown the J3, Champ, Stinson, Stearman, Mooney, Apache, Cessna 310, 150, 170 , 172, and the 188(Ag model).  He has also flown all of the Piper Pawnee series: There were three in the series, the Pick Up, Ag Wagon and Ag Truck They all had the same air frame but different engines.

Sam started flying and soloed in the mid-fifties when he was 15.  He and his brother flew all over the Delta area of Arkansas in a ragged old J-3 and 220hp Stearman. “We had lots of fun…two kids in a plane.  Mac was 10 and I was 15.  We sure did get a lot of strange looks when we got out.  We did this on my student ticket”.

Sam has logged 4,000 hours earning a Commercial, Instrument and Multi Engine rating along the way.  His hobbies include travel, building model planes, dinning out and enjoying nature.  Additionally, he and his significant other, Brenda, have 5 antique Chevrolets which they campaign at various Vintage Chevrolet Clubs of America.

Sam and Brenda are life members and active in the Beechcraft Museum near Nashville.  Sam and Brother Mac have been members of the OX5 since 1993 and have been very supportive with donations and reunion ads.  They always make a point of attending the OX5 Reunions together.

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