Men, Wind and Courage

Men, Wind and Courage


An extensive, in depth portrayal of the lives and accomplishments of Aviation’s pioneers whose exploits laid the foundation for today’s super-technical Aviation Industry.  Author Nancy Lynn Mess’s detailed research has brought into focus the names and works of many known and unknown men and women who were the building blocks of the Aviation structure.

This 400 page, profusely illustrated publication is a must read for every young and old aviation enthusiast. Order your copy NOW!

Men, Wind and Courage A Pioneer Aviation story of  O.E. Williams
Paper: 406 pages; 230 B & W images
Size: 6″ x 9″ x .93″
Publisher: William Martin Press
ISBN: 9780615309019
MEN, WIND and COURAGE, A Pioneer Aviation Story of O. E. Williams and His Associates,” by Nancy Lynn Mess. MEN, WIND and COURAGE, presents the characteristic spirit and accomplishments experienced by a number of pioneer aviators for man’s newest invention the aeroplane. Amongst them was O.E. Williams, whose pioneer contributions to the science of aviation are unknown today. Mr. Williams, a highly ambitious man, with his progressive efforts and strong enthusiasm, along with others like him are what transformed aviation from its infancy into its advanced science of today.
The career of O.E. Williams is revealed along with those who were affected by his passion for aviation. Mr. Williams, a talented engineer who changed his vocation to focus on aviation, was a strong advocate for safety with innovative results. Williams’s activities took place at Scranton, Pennsylvania; Fenton, Michigan; and Mobile, Alabama.MEN, WIND and COURAGE offers many photos and text of the various Williams aircraft, flight schools, manufacturing facilities, hangars, flight-speedometer, patents, and the personal side of this remarkable man. Mr. Williams was the stellar attraction of the Patterson Aviators who were in popular demand throughout the midwestern states and lower Canada. To appeal to many interests this book focuses on description for events and experiences rather than technicalities. Many of the men lived beyond Mr. Williams’s lifetime. Elwood J. Junkin and Clayton J. Brukner evolved the WACO airplanes. A number of exclusive interior photos are presented of the WACO factory. Lt. Cyrus Bettis established many military aviation firsts. Others, such as Russell B. North, never lost the passion for aviation. And contracted pilots Elling O. Weeks, C. Ray Benedict, and Al Boshek all had their trials and tribulations with their exhibition flights in the Williams Aeroplanes.



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