Message From The President




Tim Pinkerton, 2017 President
5494 Shiloh Springs Rd.
Trotwood, OH 45426-3910


Dear OX5 Member,

As 2017 President, I want to share my thoughts with you about the future of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers.

Keeping the roster full is critical for our organization because it generates revenue by charging membership dues and attracting donations.   Not only is attracting new members important, but attrition can have a domino effect that may ultimately jeopardize the future of the organization.

I want to remind every OX5 member that he/she shares a responsibility for identifying and inviting prospective members to join an OX5 wing.  The organization’s future growth depends on the fulfillment of that responsibility.  New members provide willing hands for service and fundraising and bring with them innovative ideas, new outlooks and new enthusiasm that will make your wing grow.

As OX5 members we must also be recruiters, identifying prospects, communicating the benefits of joining and then helping them become satisfied members who contribute to the club. 


Emphasize that as a member you will:
a      Belong to one of the oldest aviation clubs in the USA.
b      Share the camaraderie of aviation people
c      Meet interesting pilots
d      Learn interesting historic stories
e      Participate and display at air shows
d      Contribute to scholarships and projects
e      Receive a newsletter
f      Attend the annual Reunion/Board Meeting


Tim Pinkerton, 2017 President

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