Moyle Fundraiser


To Help Defray Medical Expenses for Jim Moyle

For Sale

A Pristine OX5 Propeller



The following information was provided by friend Billy Walker, as told by Jeannine Moyle.

To:  OX5 members and the aviation community,

Jim Moyle is a retired airline captain having retired from commercial aviation in 1990. He was a senior Northwest Airlines captain.  His career began with Wein Alaska Air and from there Bonanza Airlines, Air West, Hughes Airwest, Republic and then Northwest Airlines. His airline career had him flying DC-3, F-27, DC-9, DC-10 -30, and the ubiquitous B-757.

Jim was born with a love for aviation and soloed at age 16.  He has owned a number of historic aircraft including an Aeronca Champ, Piper Cub, BT-13, AT-6, Cessna 182, Piper Cherokee, Shinn (Varga), and he observed the building of his RV-4.  He flew the RV-4 until his good sense told him to find a new home for it.


In 2014 the FAA presented Jim with the Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” award for 50 years of practicing and promoting safe aircraft flight operations.  He served in the Air Force as a Link instructor, and was in the Managing Department of Hughes Airwest as a Check Captain.

Besides the OX-5 propeller, Jim has been a collector of historical memorabilia. He has a polished blade from a P-38 and eight framed ‘relics’ with photos.  Also, a complete series of metal Texaco models as well as a series of ‘limited edition’ Hallmark models. A walk into his den is like a visit to a museum.



Sadly, Jim’s mind has been taken by a very onerous disease, Alzheimer’s!  He now resides in a 24/7 care facility.  It’s a shame since he was always ready to share an aviation story or kibitz with hangar buddies.

It is some consolation that Jim did enjoy thirty years of retirement…..flying regularly until Alzheimer’s interfered with his life.

Jim loved his OX-5 propeller.  It was the centerpiece of his home-hangar for nearly a half-century!  Hopefully, it will go to another caring aviator or museum.

Details:  The sale will be handled by:

Billy Walker    

4558 E. La Miriada Way

Phoenix,  AZ 85044-7514


This is an original, pristine, museum quality propeller of condition 10.

Serial number:  SHOP 1 42 9           It has been verified to be accurate and original.

We can arrange for reasonable crating and shipping.

Starting price:  $2,000.00   Highest offer to be accepted.

Offers to be submitted through November 30, 2020 by eMail to Billy Walker.

Winning offer to be announced December 1, 2020 on this site.

Payment to be a cashiers check for the propeller + shipping charges to be made payable to:  Jeannine Moyle in care of Billy Walker at the above address.

The Ox5 organization has posted this as a courtesy.  The OX5 in no way assumes any responsibility for this transaction.

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