Pres. Report-Beisner 2013

President’s Report:  Oct 23, 2015  Beisner

It has been a great year so far thanks to the Board Members and the Officers. The biggest problems facing the Organization at the present time are:

1. Receiving  additional help.
2. Finding a permanent home for the Organization.
a. Recommend establishing a search committee consisting of the President,   Secretary, and one other member of the Board.
b. Possible sites – Latrobe, PA – Hammondsport, NY, Troy, OH, Wichita, KA,
Blakesburg, IA (Antique Aircraft Association), and Oregon (Western Aircraft
c. The important thing is that the permanent home not be moved every year as the
logistics are not only expensive but items are lost including some members.
3. More support for the Wings.
4. Stabilize the income and expenses of the Organization

We need to discuss the following items that were voted on by the Board via email during the year:

1. Terminate the issue of any new life-member applications – Approved
2. Terminate the current “newsletter contract” – Approved
3. Budget $150 per year for Wings that produce a newsletter – Approved if funds are available.
4. Budget $150 per year for Wings that market the OX5 program at a fly-in or airshow –
Approved if funds are available.
5. Budget $200 per year for Wings that restore OX5 engines for marketing purposes – Approved if funds are available.
6. Budget $300 per year maximum per Board member to attend required meetings – Approved if funds are available – Additional discussion was not in favor of this.
7. Budget $500 per year maximum to Wings that conduct the “annual meeting” of the OX5Aviation Pioneers – Approved if funds are available – Additional discussion indicated that some Wings might not require this support due to their financial condition.

Another item that we need to give attention to is updating the OX5 Brochure to provide a Membership Application form on the backside to make it easier for prospective new members to join the Organization. A suggestion came from a Board member to include a brief explanation in the Brochure of what the OX5 engine is and where it was used. This would help a prospective new member to better understand what our organization is all about.

We need to develop a program of recording and making available “Living History” accounts of our members so future generations can learn and enjoy the great stories that surround the OX5 engine.

The President’s Report was approved as presented