From Angie and Norman Brush

Pictures courtesy of Angie and Norman Brush (20418), Glenn Curtiss Wing-Ox5

OX=5 photos 9 14 001

We are in the process of restoring this original P40.  It was in a mid air collision over Florida with another P40 while flying formation, cutting off it’s tail and killing the pilot.

It was in a swamp from 1944-1986.  The Curtiss volunteers are restoring as much as  possible.

OX=5 photos 9 14 003

The 1928 Travel/Air 2000 was received as a complete basket case and has been completely restored by eight OX-5 members.
This bi-plane was signed off by Walter Beach on October 23, 1928.

OX=5 photos 9 14 004

We are now restoring this 1930 Fledgling open cockpit biplane with a 170 horsepower Curtiss Challenger engine.

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