Secretary’s Message

Don Voland





Greetings to all of our OX5 Members.

I just finished a busy session at AirVenture and it is obvious that the event certainly has changed from what it was when Paul was running the show!  We ran the OX5 demonstration engine every day at 11:00 am to open the “Vintage In Review
Show” and again on several days at 1:00 pm for all the interested folks in the viewing stands. We were not able to get into the new Vintage Aircraft building where we had our table until 12:00 noon each day and then we had to close up at 5:00 pm. Quite a bit different from the “old days” when we had our own private tent and could socialize with OX5 members and friends all day.

I am very pleased with the results of our Scholarship Program and all the great responses from the interested young folks. That certainly is the future of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers. Thank you to all of our staff members who make it all happen.

Best wishes and great memories,
Don Voland
National OX5 Secretary

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