TWA Key Fob

TWA key fob from the 50s.

You would register with TWA using a number on the fob.

If you lost your keys, they would be mailed back to you by the Post Office.

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was a major American airline from 1925 until 2001. It was originally formed as Transcontinental & Western Air to operate a transcontinental route from New York City to Los Angeles via St. Louis and Kansas City. Along with American, United, and Eastern, it was one of the “Big Four” domestic airlines in the United States formed by the Spoils Conference of 1930.

CI01112015 TWA

TWA at Allegheny County Airport
As a kid (65 years ago) my Father would take me to Allegheny Airport to watch the planes. The iron fence and art deco terminal are still there. You had to walk out and up the steps to board the airplane.  Picture 1948. Unknown family.

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