2023 Board Meeting Minutes

2023 Board Meeting on Zoom.









Troy, Ohio October 16, 2023  10:00 am

A. Roll Call – One Board Member Position is vacant – all other Board Members attended in person or via Zoom electronic connection.

B. Secretary’s Report: Our total membership in the OX5 Aviation Pioneers is now at 229 people. We have reached the point where we need to send out hard copies of the Newsletter to all members to qualify for the bulk mailing rate. The annual Regular Membership fee of $30 is very low and we need to consider the possibility of raising the fee to help cover our overhead expenses. Life Members do not pay an annual fee but many give generous donations every year.

C. Treasurer’s Report:

If a member, you can obtain the 2023 financial report by written request to the Club Treasurer Patty Wagner. Expenses for 2023 are $11,500.

D. President’s Report:
1. Scholarship Program – The program has been a great success and will be renewed again for 2024. The Scholarship Application forms have been updated to show that the Discover Aviation Learning Through Fun Scholarship is $500 and the Education Scholarship is $1,000. The forms will appear in the next OX5 Newsletter.

E. Old Business:
Because of the lack of Board Meetings during the past few years, the Board approved giving the Secretary the flexibility to adjust the present term limits of the Board Members so that no more than 3 will be up for renewal each year. All Board Members agreed to continue serving in their positions.

F. New Business:
An effort will be made to see if the vacant Board Position can possibly be filled by a member of the Curtiss Wing.
The Board agreed to nominate Don Voland to the OX5 Hall Of Fame Wall.

G. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

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