Daily Sun n Fun Photos

Daily Photos – OX5 Florida Clubhouse Activities

Photos Courtesy of Greg Gaynor, National Governor

Day4    April 7, 2022

Nashville Country Legend Aaron Tippin and his wife Thea stop by to see the OX-5 run. Aaron is also a CFI and owns Tennessee Flying Machines flight school in Sparta TN (KSRB).

And the Thunderbirds close out Friday at SNF’22.

This Mustang put on a great show prior to the USAF Thunderbirds.

KC-135 Tanker from McDill AFB. Selfishly inserted because my nephew is a 135 driver at Fairchild AFB in Spokane WA.

We worked John Peterson way too hard today.

Talk2Tower.com “Robot”


Day 3    April 7, 2022

SNF22 Day 3 Image 7 Video
Link to a washout.

John Peterson and Byron Covey do a clean sweep.  Where’s your dustpan?

Denise Green, Chris Meek, Barb Gaynor and Brenda Jones fire up the grill.

Sam Meek inspects the new MAULE M-9-260

B-25 Mitchell Bomber “Panchito”

A pair of Factory Fresh WACOs.


Day 2    April 6, 2022

Mac Meek operating the engine.  Jim Biesner in background.



Mac and Jim


Day 1 April 5, 2022

Fenced in OX5 Motor

Mac Meek, Ernie Lynam, Walton Green, John Peterson

Denise Green, Barb Gaynor, Mac Meek, Brenda Jones, Chris Meek


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