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From Tim Pinkerton, 2019 National President

Re: 2019 Reunion  http://ox5.org/important-notice/

I want to thank the Midwest Florida Wing for sponsoring our 2019 Reunion at their Lakeland Clubhouse. It is super great to have a clubhouse where we can hold our Reunion meetings.  It is also nice to be able to rest, cool down and chat with fellow members during the Airshow.

Even when they do not sponsor a reunion,  their door is always open to OX5 members during the Airshow every year.  Also, they always manage to sign up new members.

Maintaining a clubhouse and preparing for the Reunion and Airshow does not come without costs such as  catering, golf carts, snacks, supplies and cleanup.  If you have the the financial means, I ask that you please make a direct donation to the Florida wing.  Your name will be posted to the next newsletter.  Thank you.

Make your check payable to:

OX5 Midwest Florida Wing
% Nicole Azzaro, Sec
13645 Brani Dawn Dr
Lakeland, FL   33809