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Chuck Sassara has lived a life that most people only dream of finding when they shake off the crowds and the fast pace of the Lower 48 to head North to Alaska.

When he arrived in 1955, he carried little more than a freshly printed college diploma and a can-do attitude.  Alaska bustled with postwar momentum then, a place where a man with the right mix of enthusiasm and tenacity could make his mark. For Chuck, Alaska was the right place at the right time.

Here he raised a family, served in the Legis1ature, raced sled dogs, ran a roadhouse, treated the sick and injured, bounced drunks and learned to fly.  The latter grew into a career that spanned more than 50 years.

Through it all, Chuck Sassara met many people and made many friends.  Some like Ted Stevens, Jay Hammond, Nick Begich and Joe Reddington, you may have heard of.  Others like Fred Notti, Robery Vanderpool, Sister Scholastica and the perpetually unlucky Jim Burns, are vitrually unknown, but no less interesting.

If you never flew with Chuck, here’s your chance to hop in and explore an Alaska that has all but disappeared from the modern landscape.

Andy Hall,
former Editor Alaska Magazine


After 65 years, 28,500 hours, 158 different airplanes, business and politics, Chuck has written a book of his adventures.  He mentioned that the book is being well received in the aviation community and the Alaska OX5 Wing.

Propellers, Politics & People
This is a book of (aviation) adventures by Chuck Sassara (85), OX5 Alaska Wing Member.
It starts in 1910 with his Grandfather in Pittsburgh, Pa. and goes on for 174 pages of adventures and photos.  Chuck is a tremendous story teller.  It is an easy read and should give all OX5 members an insight into early Alaska aviation.  Check the table of contents below.

Chuck was a member of the OX5  DGY

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