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These historical rosters are provided for your research purposes.

The OX5-Cliff Ball Wing of Pittsburgh has acquired, scanned and posted the original roster booklets.

 These files are large, so allow time to load.

If your browser permits, save them to your hard drive for faster viewing.


1957  OX5 NATIONAL ROSTER  Ending 1957     57 pages       Tan cover  First roster

1980 OX5 NATIONAL ROSTER  Ending 1980     149 pages    Red cover

1986 OX5 NATIONAL ROSTER   Ending 1986     134 pages    Tan cover  31st Anniversary

1992 OX5 NATIONAL ROSTER   Ending  1992   124 pages     Lt blue cover

2004 OX5 NATIONAL ROSTER  Ending  2004   96  pages     Blue cover


The current member roster will not be posted to discourage name farming and spamming. Contact the Secretary if a current member address is needed.