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I am a former president of the Arizona OX-5’ers. I have been out of the picture for several years as the Arizona bunch no longer meets largely due to no leadership along with so few members still living.

However, I have been working with my friend, Ed Newberg, on getting his 1928 Travelair 2000 flying.

Yesterday, success!   Here are a few photos of NC-4848:

image1 image2 image3 image4
The flight was at P-19 “Stellar Airpark” Chandler, Arizona.

Powered by the ubiquitous 1918 OX-5, it swings an Ole Fehlin prop and flies at the speed of smell !
I flew chase in Kurt Gearhart’s Stearman (955) while Kurt made these masterful shots.
Blue Skies & Tailwinds…
Billy Walker
(480) 773-2823

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