Website Contingency Plan

From: Dennis G. Yerkey, ID 22023 Gov, Past Pres & Webmaster

The following discussion was introduced into the the minutes of the 2013 Board Meeting by Gov Donald Voland.

“We should be considering establishing a program (method) to provide for continuity with our web site as it is a vital part of our overall operation.  It really has become our digital records center for all members as well as for potential new members.  A contingency plan to protect this link in our communication system is very important” Don Voland.

Be advised that as a back-up measure, Dennis G Yerkey, Webmaster,  has turned over all particulars concerning the website to Gov Donald Voland, Sec.

This includes:

Domain ownership information                                   
Hosting information, account numbers and passwords    GoDaddy
All renewal dates and the costs to renew
WordPress log on address and passwords                            WordPress
Official worldwide website registration information          Whois

With this information in hand, Gov Voland would be able to assume control of the Website to maintain continuity.  A person with website knowledge could then easily maintain the site using a common program called ‘WordPress’.


Dennis G Yerkey – 22023
Nat Gov-Past Pres-Webmaster
VP/Sec of the Cliff Ball Wing-Pittsburgh, PA

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