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–Author unknown–

In June of 1955, Charlie Carroll, then operator of the Latrobe, Pennsylvania Airport appeared before the Aero Club of Pittsburgh. He approached Gaylord Ball, then Manager of Greater Pittsburgh Airport and President of the Aero Club of Pittsburgh and suggested they arrange a rally for OX5 pilots.

The purpose of the meeting was to round up aviation people, and to honor them for the part they played in laying the foundation of the aviation industry as we know it.

Cliff Ball agreed to spearhead the project, which was, at that time, not expected to be little more than local interest.

Charlie Carroll welcomed the opportunity to host the aviation pioneers and a meeting was arranged at Latrobe airport, with a luncheon, banquet and lodging made available at the Mission Inn.

Word of the rally began to spread.  Realizing that there might be a need for a record of those who attended in case another get-together might be desired, Cliff Ball had some temporary forms run off in the office before he left for  Latrobe.

Temporary officers were selected at Latrobe until a formal election could be held.  Russ Brinkley was appointed President, Clifford Ball was appointed Secretly and Charlie Carroll was appointed Treasurer.

When the affair was over, 87 persons had signed the application form, and 20 more had signed the form and mailed them in, with a total of 107 to form the nucleus of the OX5 Club.  At that time the OX5CIub of America came into existence and the parent club became the OX5 Club of Pennsylvania.

Word of the OX5 Club began to spread like wildfire.  By the end of 1956, the total membership was 990.   At the end of 1957 the membership was up to 4,249 (The largest growth year).    Membership also spread to several foreign countries.  To date we have enrolled over 12,000 members.

Wing charters were issued with the District of Columbia receiving Charter #1, Virginia, Charter #2, California, Charter #3 and Florida, Charter#4.  By the end of 1957, twenty-two wings had been chartered.

On May 15, 1971, the OX5 Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame was inaugurated.  A long time dream of Johnny Evans of Pennsylvania, and one of the founding members, the Hall of Fame was made an important part of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers by then president, Karl E. Voeilter of Florida.  Since then, 331 distinguished aviation people who have contributed significantly to the progress, growth, or safety of aviation on a national scale, have been honored for their exploits. The Hall of Fame has attracted attention throughout the world and has contributed immeasurably to the prestige and prominence of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers.

In addition, the OX5 Aviation Pioneers conduct an Awards Program which also pays tribute to the outstanding contributions of its members.

Each year a national reunion of OX5 Aviation Pioneers is hosted by one of the Wings in the organization. The reunions attract much attention as many members travel from all parts of the country to gather and renew old acquaintances and relive the golden days of yore.