The OX5 Aviation Pioneers was organized 1955 at Latrobe Pennsylvania for the purpose of  “ To compile and record in detail the historical and educational history of the development of air transportation.  To perpetuate the memory of pioneer airmen and the their great sacrifices, accomplishments and contributions to the development of civil aviation and to do honor to all pioneers in aviation, especially those associated with the OX5 engine.”  (Preamble to our charter).

This goal remains intact as we donate to various organizations, organize booths at airshows, publish a quarterly newsletter containing historical articles, encourage the operation of aviation museums and the preservation of memorabilia. We also seek to maintain suitable ways to bring to light member projects and to recognize and honor the names and achievements of aviation pioneers.

The OX5 is one of the older continuously functioning aviation organizations in existence, unchanging with the times, still rooted firmly in its traditions and history of the 1920’s and 1930’s.