1937 Airshow Home Movies

A 30 Minute Home Movie

A short story from Dennis G Yerkey,  Gov, Webmaster, Past National President

I learned that a Pittsburgh Clifford Ball Wing member died and that his belongings were being cleaned out and thrown in a dumpster.  I performed a dumpster dive and retrieved a VHS tape of 1937 black and white home movies.  I had Walmart convert the VHS tape to digital CD.  Once digitized, I posted it to our website.  We do not know the name of the original photographer.

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Dennis G Yerkey, Gov, Webmaster

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvCFtA-Efisshow 1937 | Udet German stunt pliot | Wing walker | Gryo Plane |F-86 Sabre Jets


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