A Place-Latrobe Airport

A History of the Latrobe Regional Airport and the Pittsburgh Area.

Featuring– Biographies of the Pioneers: (Charles B. “Charlie” Carroll, James DeWitt Hill, Carl Strickler, Raymond “Pappy” Elder, Lloyd Santmyer, Clyde Hauger, Dave Patterson, Lou Strickler, Russ Brinkley, Frank Fox, Joe Reedy, Earl Metzler, George Allen, Elmer Ashbaugh, Clifford Ball, D. Barr Peat, Ken Scholter, Dr Lytle Adams. Airports: Longview Flying Field, J.D. Hill Airport, Latrobe Municipal Airport, Latrobe-Westmoreland Airport, Westmoreland County Airport, Bettis Field (Mckeesport, PA), Rodgers Field (Aspinwall, PA), Pittsburgh-Greensburg Airport. Events:All American Aviation Air Mail Pick-Up, Path of Eagle, Pennsylvania Airlines, Pennsylvania Central Airlines, Founding of the OX5 Pioneers of America.

Page 137 Starts the History of the OX5 which was founded Aug 17, 1955, at the Latrobe Airport.

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