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From: John Gaertner

Hello James,

I received my Spring News letter this morning. Thanks!
I am attaching some details that I hope will be helpful to others in the OX5 club? I would like to see if they could be posted in the next newsletter?

We are making and selling new rubber couplings for the Berling Magneto. Many people find all they have are some broken , rubber pieces when they go to install their Berling mags. This is a one piece coupling that fits perfectly in the coupling housing and makes re-assembly much easier. They are available from us, at Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC.

.Berling-Magneto-Couplings-1-sm Berling-Magneto-Couplings-2-sm

Second, I am attaching a PDF file of the OX5 Engine Cradle we make and other people can to, to transport our engines. It is straight forward in construction and can even be used for some basic service work.

OX5-Engine-Cradle – Sheet1

We have assembled a new OX5 engine starter system after a great deal of trials and tribulations with the Berling Magneto on one of our engines. It uses a Continental Motors Starter Vibrator and a lithium Ion 12V 8000mA battery the size of a smart phone. Easy to install and remove from the plane. It works perfectly with the Berling Magneto points.

I noted that the link on the OX5 web site to our web site no longer works. We have completely redone our web site in order to better serve our customers. They proper link to the OX5 engine pages is:    (Fixed by Webmaster)

Thank you,
John Gaertner

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