Rag Bag Aero Works Inc



Dennis Harbin, owner of Rag Bag Aero Works, Inc., has given the OX5 Aviation Pioneers permission to embed his blog postings on our web site.

These blogs and movies are of various restoration items and projects that he is doing in his shop. They are easy to read and include abundant photos of the work in progress.

Note: Dennis has records of 130 of the NINEs that were registered.

Do click on the links below for some great information on restoration.

Dennis Harbin
Rag Bag Aero Works, Inc.
198 Locust Drive
Louisa, Virginia  23093-5760
WACO NINE blog:       http://nc3397.blogspot.com/
Curtiss OX-5 blog:       http://curtiss-ox-5.blogspot.com/
Cessna   140 blog:       http://n140tw.blogspot.com/
Fly Baby blog:               http://flybabyfun.blogspot.com/
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