2012 Reunion Article by Livi


On September 20-23, 2012 OX5 Aviation Pioneers members met in St. Louis for their 57th National Reunion.  The affair included the essential business meetings and an array of pleasurable and entertaining activities that included a trip to the identifying St. Louis Arch and a ride on a paddle wheel river boat. Other activities included a bus tour of the city and a trip to the Creve Couer Air Museum.

The visit to the Creve Couer Air Museum was an exceptional event.  There are four hangars of completely restored antique aircraft, engines, and other historical items.  The beautiful workmanship done on the restorations was a pleasure to see. A tour of the facility was conducted by Al Stix, Curator of the Museum.

Restoration of the entire facility has been amazing considering that in 1993 the entire area was covered by more than ten feet of water when the adjoining Mississippi River flooded the area.

The usual business meetings included the election of officers and the passing of the proposed revised bylaws.

Ivan D. Livi

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